Friday, October 28, 2005

* currently: very busying (AO-ing)
* listening: hen hen ai - vivian hsu
* feeeliing: super tired + sleepy

hello !! i`m back !! lols` ohh yes yes. firstly, i wanna thank jian hua for giving me the memory stick duo adapter. if not for tt, dun tink i can upload the pictures as fast. cos my lost one HAVEN been found! >.<* and felt extremely guilty lahs. tuh make him cycle in the rain tuh pass me the thing. thanks loads boy! x)

alrite. shall start from the "beginning". well well. wedding dinner on 25 oct. it was one of the most special dinner i ever went nahs. tink it was western style or wad. hmm. the family members sat one ROW on STAGE facing the guests nahhs. so special. or shld i say, weird? haha` den the whole dinner was in the dark cos there were loads of DANCE. even had, chicken dance lahhs~ *peng* but reminds me of the times of mass dance in JJ~ xP alrite. den reached home tt night at ard 11.30pm~ tired.

^ heart~ dinner @ furama. x)

^ me and jie !!

^ see the "row of ppl" on stage?

^ i finished this greeniess!! *proud of myself* =X

^ back @ home.

^ blehhhs~

then, 26 oct .. woke up @ 8.55am tuh pack my things and prepare mummy`s bday card. my right eye was ALREADY a little swollen. (must be due tuh the make up LAST night. xP) hmms. den met jianhua tuh get the adapter, chiong abit and left house tuh meet gla @ batok. we reached jurong @ like 12pm when meeting time was 12.15pm. haha` den shortly, zhi zhong, eugene and xian xu came leaving MISS AMELIA TEO LATE!! hahah` nvms. wahhas. den went tuh tanah merah. and took the shuttle bus ..

^ me and gla on the bus. goshh~ i looked ROUND! xP

^ a view of "the deck". this is ermm. the tanah merah NS safra wadever resort de nahs. =x got a super huge golf course there. tink ish the place rena plays her golf. x)

^ the holiday resorts there..

^ nice cactus! xD

^ zz trying tuh be funny. =x

^ cross this "stones" and we are there !! xD

^ our block number~ *grins*

^ the second floor~ 2 rooms + one toilet.

^ amelia and gladys !

hmms. den we put down our stuffs and went out of the chalet. went back tuh "the deck" tuh get some food. den after tt me, gla, amelia and xian xu decided tuh go tuh bedok`s giant and get some food as we DUN trust YONG BENG (who claims tuh go m`sia tuh get food). so we took the 3.45pm shuttle outta there and then also meet zhiwei @ tanah merah tuh catch the 6pm shuttle back~

^ cute tortise nehhs~

^ "the deck" de menu. indeed ish for rich peeps de nahhs. =x super ex.

^ nothing else for me! ate sandwich. cost me ermm.. $3+. lols`

^ zz tryin tuh be funny again~ haha`

^ vodka ~ muahhahs` we got over it @ bedok`s giant. pratically ish amelia got through lahs. haha` gladys`, mine, xian xu`s and amelia`s. i tink amelia`s tasted the best~ x)

^ hmm. we stopped by bedok`s market place tuh eat tuh kill time while waiting for zhiwei. and ermm. amelia had her special "ice kachang". dunno wad ice + tang shui + milk + corn. blah blah~ *clapps*

^ back tuh the chalet, first night dinner, called McDelivery. x)

^ zz and zhiwei playing a fool lahhs. dunno fighting wad. with the table`s legs. hahah! shld have video-ed it down. i forgot and tried hard tuh take still pictures. *dumb* they were darn funny lahhs. xP

^ blur blur.

^ eugene rescue-ing zz who`s locked outside the house by zhiwei.

^ tadah! the red monster is back!! lols~

^ zhiwei`s turn tuh get locked outside. *shakes head*

^ zz with his "sword" and "shield" looking proud. lols!

^ half time. "wo men shi peng you". hahha`

^ zhiwei and rena started playing some VIOLENT games. xp

^ den zz and gladys started playing this super ADDICTIVE game. see those motion? needa be real quick one. lols~!

^ and then mahjong....

^ ohh not forgeting the two househusband for the night~ lols`

^ one sweep one mop. lols`

kks lahhs. den beng reached here quite late lahs. and true enough, he brought NOTHING! dots. if not for we girls, i tink everyone`s gonna starve like siao. xP ohh well, first night was.... alright? just tt i had some problem charging my phone, plus my eye was swollen, plus i had a headache since dunno when~ and the alcohol kinda made things A LITTLE worse. so i wasnt in a good mood. didnt wan tuh slp yet so tried my best tuh stay awake. in the end went tuh sleep @ 5.30am after watching the carling cup of chelsea and charlton~ lame sia!! watch so long waiting for penalty and chelsea LOST! wth~~

^ before sleeping~

^ duix. why amelia cover her face!? =x

^ alright. thanks gla. at least can see everyone. we three shared the bed after xianxu woke up..

^ the guys did this? =.=~

alrights. 27 oct. i woke up @ ard 12.45pm finding my eye swelling even bigger .. but still, i had a super nice 7 hours sleep. lols!! den they were playing "seed of chucky". i requested a re-play since it just started. lols` it was a super LAME and DISGUSTING show nahhs. ok. more of lame. ultimate. sucks. =x hmms. den cant really rmb wad else le. den zz, zhiwei, mingwei, beng, gla and me decided tuh go changi village tuh get some more things tuh consume. cut 3, 3 tuh take cab out.

^ walked out of the safra. see planess!!

^ tadah~ the "sign board"? lols`

^ nice golf course ehhs? xD

^ fly fly fly~ i tink zihui will be darn high if she came. cos alot of "BIG planes"!! lols`

^ playing with the white balance. lols` cloudy and daylight i tink. x)

^ more scenery shots. *grinz*

^ eating @ changi village marketplace after "shopping". lols` den took cab back also. waste money hors?

^ ohh yes. on the way back. i love this thing nahs. =x

then we slacked all the way till night time. then this day only left 5 guys and 5 girls. zz, zhiwei, mingwei, eugene, beng, gladys, amelia, rena, fion and me. lols` we played LOTS of games lahs. ytd we had 007 + forfeit (true or dare). got video of eugene dancing tuh twinkle twinkle little star and mingwei pole dancing with zhiwei as the pole! haha` ohh well. this night we had games like 007, animal game, guessing game, shang xia zuo you bi yi bi, concentration~ ahh and alot more nahs. cant rmb. haha` but was high at times. x)

^ this ish 007~ lols` a card each for a mistake made. xD

^ 2nd round of alcohol. ish ermm. bought @ changi village. the uncle also blur lahhs. mingwei gave him his IC and then he see 1988, while at the same time kena psycho-ed by them, he allowed us tuh buy~ lols` i shared lime with gladys.

^ ..?

^ messy kitchen~

hmm. den some pics gla took~

^ our "spiral" staircase~

^ girls room !! neat right? *wink*

^ guys room~ *shakes head*

^ upstairs toilet~ the place where most of us bathed~ lols! aiya gla. u forgot the downstairs one? got xiao qiang inside. lols! =x

^ living room~ lols` the tv alot of channels lohs. got scv BUT, there`s only just ONE tv. how lame. hahah`

^ the kitchen. oops. why am i inside the pic?~ hahah`

^ shang xia zuo you bi yi bi~ amelia was super HIGH lahhs! lols` shld see those videos. xD

^ attacking beng? =.=~

^ ehhs.. forgot why i took this. =x

^ ehhs. i tink this playing mahjong bahs? lols`

^ and then, after finally succeed in snatching the remote, i watched "full house" which rene brought. BUT ahh. this dvd version de chinese sucks like hell~ so i listened the dialogue in korean. lols` i was kinda watching alone though.

^ amelia @ the other table calculating love? lols!

^ then the guys eating again. lols`

hmm. den suddenly got once we suddenly all high liao. role-played the "little red riding hood" de story. lols! the video is darn funny lahhs~ zz was the red riding hood, beng the grandma and zhiwei the wolf. wanted tuh do cinderella and three little pigs too. in e end didnt. *yawns*

hmm. den they on "face" @ dunno wad time nahs. watch till almost everyone fall asleep. supposingly nc16 horror movie but was darn sianx~ only had zz there tuh "scream" tuh bring the atmosphere tuh a comedy one. lols` anw this time i slpt @ 4am. and was told by fion tt however they shake me, i wouldnt wake up~ haha` so had a HARD time sleeping on the HARD floor and it was FREEZING COLD lahs. didnt bring jacket~ xP

28 oct~ woke up @ ard 8am this time. cos 10am needa check out. den i found the "garfield" cd inside the player. hahah` den heard ish zhiwei watched one. lols!!

^ took this from the dining table there. everyday and night see planes but finally caught a chance tuh shoot it~ x) very big norss!! lols` nice!

^ the temp was 30?! but it was still freaking cold lohhs. as if it was still 16 lahhs. wth~ =x

^ amelia`s legs. (dun mind lah hor?) haha` even worse than mine the other time @ pam`s house. lols` *clapps*

anw, we checked out at ard 10.10am lahhs. den the shuttle bus times were like 10.15am, 11.25am~ wth! den we wanted tuh spend time bowling till 11+ as we missed the 10.15am bus le. and then found out tt stupid alley not open! 12pm den open. wad sia~~ den we went the "lobby" there tuh sit sit. who noes eugene already called 3 cabs @ the counter. blehh. ex sias. shld have waited rite? bleh. nvms.

den the first cab came and me, gladys, fion and zhiwei left on it. wanted tuh go home but in the end we decided tuh go bukit panjang plaza tuh eat. also dunnid mafan the uncle tuh drive here and there. lols`

^ mum mum !! muhahahas`

then went mini toons awhile and went home le. learnt tt can go collect the hotel job de pay today le. but i`m darn tired plus darn lazy tuh get outta house lahhs. PLUS, my eye is darn swollen now lahhs! like cant go out these few days le. sad-ded. ohh nono. i`m gonna go find the sunglasses out. i wanna go out tml !! blehh!

hmms. den ytd was mummy`s bday lahhs! nv pei her. feel so bad. i just checked the fridge and they really did save up the cake for me! muhahas` *grinz* ohh well. i`m so tired now lahs. i spent more than an hour on this entry already. goshh. it`s so long i dun tink i`ll be interested tuh read also. hahah! and i tink i still left out alot of stuffs i wanted tuh write. nvm lahs. shall leave it as it is. ciaoss! go orh orh liaos. *pray for my eye!*