Friday, April 07, 2006

* currently: just reached home not long ago.
* listening: nothing.
* feeeliing: tiredd.

HELLO everyones! i`m back from chalet. haha` like.. finally. actually already resized and uploaded the pics this afternoon. but was quite lazy tuh add words. so went tuh watch dvd and slpt le. lols` went th just now with the others qsn. one last pic @ the bottom later.

back tuh the topic. i love the chalet!! cos it`s our tb24`o5 chalet u see.. i`m sure everyone who went loved it. (: another reason cos tt safra changi is so far, the best chalet lahs. whole thingy air-con and it`s big enough. alrite. with the help of the pictures.. let me recall as MUCH as i can. =P

1st day : o3 apr o6
met thea, gla, zz and ame @ je. then fion @ dover. went over tuh tanah merah and took cab into the chalet cos it was too early for the shuttle bus. waited for about half an hour before it was check in time.

^ zz is the man! haha` he helped us take all our sprites. in total, he carried 4 bottles of sprite.. so... 6kg issit? haha` *claps*

^ our chalet! last time was 23. lols`

^ while waiting for check in..

^ so so so many stuffs rites.

^ fion`s gonna entertain yong beng... see the next pic. haha`

^ "HAHA!" fencing time! LOLS~

^ ohh.. my forever so cute dancing partner. haha`

^ and my dearest thea thea! =P

^ roar !! beng made me so so so so giddy. i tink this is the thingy zz said bout in his blog. "got one thing turn ppl til gong gong one". lols`

^ oh yah. and he loves tuh play tt too.. haha`

^ ehhs. phone lag. supposed tuh be sliding down. but now is stopped already. haha`

^ me and thea on somewhere above ground. hahas`

^ and somewhere on ground with fion. lols`

checked in. and slacked. cant rmb much wad we did. =x hmm. a grp of them went cafe tuh eat. then gla, fion and ame went out the bedok tuh buy more food and stuffs. tink only me and thea stayed in. watched 50 first dates on HBO. actually got alot more shows loh. in the schedule got rite. but dunno why, just dun have those channels. x(

it started raining before the girls came back. but it did stop and then they started bbq-ing. everytime talk bout bbq rites. i`m the happiest. haha` cos i cant eat, so dunnid do all the dirty stuffs. keke` so just stayed in house or walk ard watch them do. but did go out tuh bbq the marshmallows. mingwei`s with love and zz`s oiishii and beng`s ichiban. funny guys. haha`

^ ehhs. forgot why i take this pic. oops.

^ starting fire. was drizzling i tink. then did on the tray on the bench which got burnt a little by us. oooops. but heard we werent charged for tt lahs. haha`

^ mingwei`s bangla hands stained by charcoal and zz`s stupid faces.. haha`

^ wads mw doing ahs? haha`

okies. the next 3 pics is taken @ rena`s house on 31/o3. now can publish liaos. =P

^ fion can separate the whites n yolks darn well. haha`

^ beng doing the job wors.

^ the making of tb24 tiramisu. (:

^ bringing out our lovely tiramisu.. hahas`

^ ehhs. darkness. hahas`

^ the birthday kids.

^ eug - 11 apr. ame - 13 apr. weixian - 17 apr. SING ALONG~ ame looks darn happy can. lols`

^ blow the candles! haha`

^ ehhs. not very pretty BUT tasty okies? =P

^ feeding one another..

^ "ahhh.." open ur mouth! lols`

^ mingwei washing up. cos ame piak the cream into his mouth ? lols`

^ still haven finish their fight. lols`

^ xian xu`s sooooo hardworking! =P

alrites. then @ night was quite bored. went out the the playground for some fun. haha` played ice man. ame n thea were the catchers lah. ran till we all no breath. haha` kept my phone in thea`s pocket. and cos we all run till so bo chap. my phone dropped also no one noes. LUCKILY i asked thea before we got into the chalet. found it on the floor. phew* cant imagine losing my phone man. lols!

^ gla on the gong gong thingy. haha`

were all so sweaty liaos. went back and queued tuh bathe. then it was drinking time. hahas` vodka + sprite and vodka + origina. lols`

^ zz was having his concert one lohs! buy my phone toooo lag. only took till this. but can see abit how crazy they were lah hor? =P

^ gla and me. before i bathe. stinks! haha`

^ playing with fion`s jollybeans. gla throw, zz catch. lols`

^ now is. gla throw, zz + zhiwei + mw catch. haha` can see zw more mai li. lols!

^ grp photo? haha` set my phone self timer on the mahjong table. slanted hors?

^ THANKS fion n gla for THAT face. hahaha`

^ ehhs. cant rmb wads this also nahs!! but.. wad is ame doing?

^ ahhh... mingwei WAS the reddest. hahas! dunnid hide lahs.

^ ahhhh.. zz and his stupid faces again. hahas`

^ my dear !! (:

^ one cup each. haha` look @ mw !!! haha` oops.

^ ame and me.

^ ohh yes yes. the lesbo partners! haha`

^ and xian xu`s super red tooo. lols`

^ blur beng + act cute zhiwei + stupid zz. hahas` oops.

^ zz and me! actually got zw @ the side. but my aiming tooooo bad. oops.

^ me and comical!!! (:

^ how can the organiser slp so early?!

^ audiences waiting for the trial tuh start.

^ rena awaiting tuh be on trial.

^ haha` mingwei.. but i rmbered ame was the judge. then got weixian as the defending lawyer. darn lame lah! but caught on video! (:

^ the violent version of scissors paper stone. super violent lohs!! was darn high so i got play anyways. lols!

^ yah yah. weapon + shield. u can nv coordinate well. lols!

^ finished. ):

^ zz, the .... ahh~ i forgot wad i said when i took this pic. grr. lols`

anyways. we all slack, play games and eat till god-knows-wad-time. but beng and mw slpt first. the rest of us arrange till nice nice then slp in da living room. cos the rooms upstairs already full.

day 2 : o4 apr o6
tink it was ard 5am when all fall out. lols` tink gla they all ard 7am+ wake up liaos. lame lohs! haha` i slpt till ard 9 - 10am++ then bear tuh leave my cosy "bed". haha` (body was aching like shit becos of the hard floor can! -.-")

forgot wad we did again. hahas` tink i got went up tuh attempt tuh slp one. and tt stupid ame suddenly came up and pound onto me. very heavy can!! haha` then more came up and i kena ya bian by them. lols` in the end didnt get tuh slp... =
^ sia lahh. who took this sias.

^ fion nv stop ZL-ing when she gets hold of my phone. haha`

ehs. i tink HBO was showing 13 going on 30 after tt. watched the front part and was very tired. so went up tuh slp. woke up ard an hour later and just nice, caught the ending. hahas` they bbq-ed again after the rain stop. then watched tv and stuff. then we also played with the tarot cards..

^ beng`s the pro. haha`

^ "open stall" till downstairs sias. haha`

^ played dunno wad game with zw and gla. funny lohs. roll dice see who smallest one. then we got all 6s.

^ then once, all 4s. haha`

^ omg. look @ this! jay chou`s in da house! haha` zz darn funny lahs. with the cap on and w/o the cap is 2 different person. haha`

^ xx and her cute pyjamas.

^ we 2 had no pyjamas. so... she got her bf`s top. and i got my daddy`s top! whahhas.

^ the 4 of us. LOVESloves! (:

^ me and my cuties dancing partner. =P look like doctor ehs? haha`

^ whaha. the cutest pair !! in mw`s daddy`s pyjamas i tink. lols`

xx on-ed dou yu (the outsiders) and then we watched. but halfway already sian.. fion n thea fell asleep. so asked them go upstairs cos got bed. then some of us went out. actually wanted tuh sit by the pool de. but abit dark. in the end went clubhse (issit?) there de gallery sit. got sofa and fan. so nice and comfy. but according tuh zz, got alot of mosquitoes too. hahas`

talked stories, jokes and stuff. the worst was we shared ghost stories lah. made me abit didnt dare tuh open my eyes and walk back. haha` but it was alrite lahs.. haha` then went back @ ard 3am? and most of them slpt. cos fion thea and ame took the bed and was full, me and gla didnt noe where tuh slp. i was so so so so so tempted tuh eat cup noodles.

zz watched the soccer match between MIL n LYON. then me and gla was downstairs watching with him too. then halfway zz went up and came down with fion. haha` she`s awake! lols` she wanted tuh give up her space on the bed for me. but i asked gla tuh go up instead cos i wasnt tt slpy. lols` then it was ard 4am tt fion pei-ed me eat cup noodles.

^ tadah! (:

then zz fell asleep while we were eating. so since we were kinda full, we finished watching the match. score was 3-1. zz predicted 2-1. hahas` too bad last minute there was another goal by mil. lols` then we went up after the match. wanted tuh wake the 3 girls (ame thea n gla) tuh change position so tt all 5 of us can slp. hahas` but didnt noe how.

me and fion spent quite some time "talking" tuh them. and my cute girl actually did the daiso good morning thingy ! haha` so so so funny lahs. then suddenly all 3 of them, machiam chain reaction and opened their eyes half awakely. so, changed position and all 5 of us squeezed on the bed.

they claimed tt i made alot of noise throughout the night. SORRY AHS~ haha` cos i do tt when i got not enough space. keke` not a bad slp though. woke up @ 10 or 11am++. cant rmb lahs. haha` then some of went bball court after breakfast. me and thea went there tuh watch.. lols`

3rd day : o5 apr o6

^ oooo. my... bridge? ahh. i dunno wads this. haha`

^ small court ehs?

went tuh walk ard with thea cos court there super hot and we didnt want tuh play.. checked out the bowling rates. super cheap lohs. but in the end also couldnt get them tuh go bowl with me. ):

^ nice nice scenery. =P

^ and greeenies. (:

^ oooo. squash!!! hahas`

^ from the other view.

^ went back and gla changed one side of her slipper with me. VIOLENT sias. haha`

anw, with THAT slipper. i dragged my right leg back tuh the chalet lohs! so paiseh cos got a grp of guys walk pass me and i almost fell. in the end took out and walked bare footed. THANK ME GLA!!! and oh yah. thank bryan too cos he fixed the slipper back for her. (:

^ ppl love tuh zl on my phone rite. keke` (:

^ the bathing partners. haha` cutes.

^ zhiwei`s mahjong soccer field! haha` nicee.

^ created a new game called mahjong soccer. darn funnny lohs! they two play tilll very high and zz broke a cup. hahas!

^ using dice tuh use as the deciding thingy and as the "ball". quick thank me for improving the game a little! haha` throwing the dice tuh see if the keeper can move before striker strikes. haha`

was watching holland village after tt. then suddenly they got this urge tuh eat nasi lemak. so bryan and rena cabbed out tuh changi village. then called back tuh say atm spoilt, not enough money. -.-" haha` then mw n beng went out tuh save them. haha` came back and went out again tuh meet eugene as he forgot tuh return the keys. -.-" in the meantime, the rest prepared the food and waited for them tuh come back..

^ preparation of the last dinner together. cos some was going tuh leave tt night. ):

^ hahah` pai pai zhuo. so cute rites. but didnt join in cos i ate le. =P

^ thea and me before she left. BIG huGgg~

^ out "24!" thingy. awww.. gonna separate le. ):

ohh yah. talking bout class. my timetable`s out le. cos miss tan called me on day ONE i tink. after tt a ngee ann staff called me. asked my class, results and where other friends were posted. then told him tb23 n tb31. cos tb23 most prob is IEF so he said he`ll put me there. =\ so now, i`m in tb23. good AND bad. got gla, zhiwei n yanjie. lols`

^ fion.

^ rena n fion. tt girl ah. go ard taking pics. haha`

^ zz and THAT face again. hahas`

^ roar! beng nv stop those looks. haha`

^ mingwei ACT cute! hahas`

^ oh yah. all this are as my contact pic liaos. haha`

^ gla gla gla. lols`

^ reeeeena. =x

^ awh. ugly shit! going tuh bathe.. shld have taken after tt~ lols!!

^ hm. my phone being played ard? was it you, fion? haha` trying tuh cheat rite...

^ who got the best tiles?

^ see wad sias...

haha` ohh well. so tt night, almost all of us went up tuh squeeze the guys room bed. jokes and stories again. zz kept repeating his blind man and deaf man bicycle joke. LOLS! anw, mingwei was the first tuh fell asleep.. rena went back tuh girls room. zz went down tuh watch soccer with zw cos bed too squeezy. then beng and fion fell aslp too. me and gla was listening tuh all their snorings.

stupid mingwei, u KICKED me lohs!! hahah` then dunno how and when, i also fell asleep. but ard 5.30am like tt.. woke up tuh dunno wad noise mw made. hahahas` realised gla and fion also gone. left me sandwiched between beng n mw. hahas` so i went down. saw zw n zz slping. one on chair one on floor.

woke zz up tuh go up tuh slp cos he`s the only one who didnt get tuh sleep on the bed yet. so kind of me rite? hahah! cos he was saying happily the night before tt he could get the bed, FINALLY. (but he still had tuh slp in da living room) so... yah. haha`

day 4 : o6 apr o6
got woke up by fion saying it`s 7.45am already. was intending tuh leave @ 6am++ one. cos zw n fion needa rush home tuh fo IS enrollment @ 8am. in the end stilll late.. =\ washed up and pack our stuff. while the others still leaving, we rushed off tuh wait for cab @ the lobby. luckily for us, a cab drove in. so dunnid tuh book. save money. haha`

zw alighted first, followed by fion, then gladys. i was last lahs. cries* the fare was $24.30. cos plus $2 dunno wad thingy. hahas`

- end of chalet stuff -

anyways, me and gla enrolled @ 10am SHARP. actually could get wadever class we wanted de. but cos fion only got into afternoon slot. so tuh compromise, we all choose afternoon too. events mgt 2430 (p27). anyone same also? haha` tink thea also same as us. yea!! we 4 gonna have the same IS!! keke` me and gla timetable COMPLETELY same sias. scary.. haha`

then i went maple tuh trade fame, watched dvd and slpt till 5pm+. oh. i mentioned this already hors? oops. oh yah. the pic i took just now @ mac after we come back from th. they went tuh buy 5 packets of fries lohs. scary. i had mcflurry only.

^ kaitong and siu hsuan scary lohs. 2 person, 3 packets of fries. -.-" pro. hahah`

omg. 1am liaos. tiredd!!